What is IAEE?

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), formerly the International Association for Exhibition Management (IAEM), is a trade association established to promote the growth and expansion of the world wide exhibition industry. This includes professionals who organize, conduct, and support trade shows, exhibitions, meetings, and events at private and public venues. IAEE accomplishes its mission through education and advocacy programs that serve more than 6,000 members in 52 countries. In addition to hundreds of individuals, IAEE's serves partner vendors and service organizations that have business interests in the exhibition industry.

How long has IAEE been in existence?

IAEE was founded in 1928 as the National Association of Exhibition Managers, to represent the interests of trade show and exhibition managers.

Where is IAEE based?

IAEE is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA.

What is IAEE's governing structure?

IAEE is led by a Board of Directors.

Does IAEE have publications?

IAEE uses many channels to communicate with the industry and its members, including the digital magazine, E2: Exhibitions & Events. IAEE's newsletters include Strategic Briefings, and the biweekly IAEE Insider featuring up-to-date IAEE-specific information. For more information on publications, go to News.

How does IAEE advocate the industry's interests?

IAEE has been very active in the state and federal affairs arena of the U.S. and is pro-active in international affairs relating to trade show and exhibition issues.
See what we're up to!

See what we're up to!


Organized in 1928 as the National Association of Exposition Managers to represent the interests of tradeshow and exposition managers, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events™ is today the leading association for the global exhibition industry.

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If you would like more information on how to become a member of the New England Chapter, please contact Sam Krich.

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